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I like cats, they taste just like chicken... I like chicken, they taste just like cats ! !

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When available - Always Buy America Made Products - Even if they are slightly higher in price than made in anywhere else.

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"Freedom isn't free."

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.

The one that understands binary,
and the other one that doesn't.. 

Sounds logical to me.



Bad News - After being the only assembler for E.E.S. due to several reasons for the last several months, I am with great regrets that I cannot  make all the devices personally anymore due to a sickness.

I have been having severe pains throughout my entire body. Pain in different places that have placed me in bed rest on many occasions. Also shaking and jerking of legs and arms that the arms do not allow me to solder anymore. Normal Hydro 10-325  pain medicine seems to do nothing for relief. Level 9-10 pain with tears at times; of course "praying" and praying for relief.

I have been under every test that I believe they could think of and a blood  doctor has discovered my ailment.

I have multiple myeloma (Bone Cancer) and there is no cure for it.  I have placed these links for your info as to what I have and am and will be going thru.



I am under chemical treatment with special meds and steroids right now that helps somewhat and is intended to suppress its growth.  Chemo is way down the road; hopefully. My deadliest  enemy is any kind of infection.  The plasma my marrow produces has no healing abilities. It was determined that I developed the cancer being exposed to Agent Orange and other chemicals while in Vietnam 1968-1969.  "I died in Vietnam-I just haven't been buried yet."

I have a person for possible assembly that I believe will work with quality and efficiency that I will work with.

I am truly sorry we have become so "Ragged" with our little company but Forrest Gump said it, "It Happens".

ATTENTION:  We have changed our eBay name to

ElectronicEnergySource  -

the same as our encrypted web site. 


You might get a security alarm when you come to the web site the first time.

Here's why..... .... ... .. . The web site uses sounds when you go to any page.  If your security is set low, you will hear the site sound effect as the page loads; without a security alarm notice.  If you have your security set HIGH, the ALARM will appear as the site tries to play the sound.  This is a FALSE NEGATIVE and you can choose to go past the alarm by consent.  This should only occur the first time. Going past the alarm will disable it from showing again in the future.

The web site is free and extremely large and it is fully accessible without having to sign-in or join.

You can find all the Sound Effect files for our sound products (listen/download) on the web site's FTP Points, which are easy to locate from any of our site's pages.

In the FTP sub-folder for Sound Bytes, look for the text file named:   !!!!!!_Sound Byte Alphabetical List.txt; Then click on the file and it will send to you a copy of the text that you can also choose to SAVE. This text file will have a list that is sorted by Numeric - Alphabetic order: 8th character ignoring the SB that has the assigned number for that Sound Byte. The list gives you an Idea as to what that sound file is/was cut or created from. 

Also, within the site's other FTP Points you will find many other lists in (.txt) text form of that folder's contents. As a technician of whatever you  are trying to learn; there might be a file that will help, or lead you to another interest you have or create one.

"Thar's Knowledge in them thar files" !

Important - While on the site, read our DISCLAIMER - It's Our Ying|Yang,

as in your best interests.

If you see something on the web site which is not on eBay (For Sale) and wish more information; and possibly want to buy a non-listed item on eBay, please email us here at eBay.

Thank you very much !



"PINGER_AF"  (Sample Tones)


It's going to be $29.95 + Free Shipping.

It's in R&D with Fred right now and is being tested for other unique sounds; but is available in the present stated form.

A Ping sounding player that you can make the pitch HigH or LoW, or in between frequency by the turn of the NEW on-board adjustment.

This additive to the original EES PING gives the installer the ability to give the customer a better "ping sound" which they like the best. Also, it is going to be made fairly small as to fit inside of quite a few battery powered Desk Microphones. It is very small and will operate on a +9vdc supply, but was designed to function on a +12vdc supply.

We have some pictures and more info added as soon as we can, and post them right here in the news for E.E.S. You can also check out the sample tone sequence we have now posted with this entry.

Do Not Forget To Read The News

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FredTheRedneck-EES <---Click to communicate with the web master and coordinate having things made.    

As of the date of this update, we are in the process of a complete up load of the site revision.  If you discover something that does not work properly or you see a PayPay link, please text is in a email and help us get the errors out.

We have added to every single product we have on eBay and the web site a NOTE,
at the bottom of every page the reason we are slow right now.

********OUR POST******** 

Our present number of assemblers is down to one (1) person.

This has placed us in a backlog.

We are going to slowly add to
eBay a few of our items from some of our storage


eBay is at it again with some of their policy changes that slow down the selling part of eBay.  We just updated our account with ebay and they have stopped paying the sellers through PayPal.  They have stopped paying there and are paying the funds you make, straight to the Bank.  Now we have a bank account that takes 3 to 5 days to process input from eBay.  That puts a hard bind on our finances that we need instantly.

    As an end result, we will not ship anything that has a high dollar value until the payment is fully processed through our bank; placing another restriction on the sellers.  Pay Pal should have continued as the point of the final funds payments.  Doing what they have done causes PayPal to be a useless system now.

Paying directly to my bank does ensure the funds are coming to me.  eBay now takes their monies out of the buyer's paid amount immediately and then sends the remainder of the funds to the bank; where the delay occurs in what is referred to as "Processing".

Now my customers must wait this "PROCESSING" Time before we ship their purchase.  This will not affect low postage costs or the Free Shipping items.  This method will continue until I can get the bank to give an instant credit for my eBay sales.  For this; I am very sorry.



Our ISD1420P ICs have arrived and 2SC1969's are available from us once again at some great low prices.

 We can ship these parts out - FAST !



IF you see this Variable Tweety Bird on the net, please do not buy it.  The Sure-Fire Tweety Bird I developed, created and sold since 1986 has been copied and then slightly modified to create a variable tone without asking me if I allow it.  I have not. Their item uses about 99%+/- of my design and violates my copyright.

                What should I do?

I think it is a "Made In China", so if you buy it the Chinese made a lot more money off you than they do with our "Hand Made In The USA" product.




This is my Tweety Bird S-F without Variability.

There has been, over the years, so many of my products wrongfully copied by thieves and scammers. Especially from my Super-Modulation Kits and Modules Series.

I believe in sharing knowledge; but I do not fare too well with thieves that steal and then Sell. 

I would have agreed to allow them to use my design to make the Variable version, as we do not make one of that type and would share my knowledge; ie, however, since this item is priced at $45.00, I will start making one and charge only $25.95 and FREE shipping.

I will always try to give my customers the very best in personal support with our products for 90 days.

Our latest products...

Sound Ofa Box - Built-In Turbo Echo

All the frills of the regular SoB but now with added Turbo Echo.  Turbo Echo is the very best and fully functional massive sounding echo.  Completely controllable in Depth and Intensity from a Face Mounted  Double Stack 50KΩ Potentiometer.

The new box can have; in addition to the Turbo-Echo, up to nine (9) sounds using the 3N1 Daughter Boards within the box.  More BANG for your buck.

You can special order one thru our email until we have an active eBay PayPal link posted.

The SoB Price PLUS $40.00 gets you the echo installed.

Prices and Pictures will be posted soon.

Variable Tweety Bird Sure-Fire will be posted very soon at $25.95 - Free Shipping.

You can special order one thru our email until we have an active eBay PayPal link posted. 

Prices and Pictures will be posted soon.


 Attention Everyone....  

Redneck is alive... doing well... Somewhat.....

He has re-opened his CB Shop and doing radio repair and Modifications.

He has also opened his repair shop to customers on the Internet.

In doing this, he has started re-vamp of all Super Modulation Kits produced in the past by EES.

Contact him through E.E.S. Webmaster email and chat about your repair needs.

(You can also text your name to him at (256) 393-4656 prior to calling him) Doing so will alert him to answer your voice call within a few minutes afterwards and he will answer if available. This also keeps him from answering calls from  telemarketers, scam artist, and a host of other unwanted calls.


We are moving older news to the web site Archive page.  Doing so, you will be able to read newer items and be kept up to date with a shorter NEWS page. Makes for less writing on the wall in one viewing.

We have some new sounds added to our library of Sound Bytes.  Click each and listen/download a copy of each one that is posted here. This list will also be made available on the Sound Bytes page. You can find them in the FTP under Sound Bytes

The below links are now active and can operate from here.

Just click - - - - - PENDING ADDITIONS 

View our News Archive

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We Are Adding ALL PayPal buttons

throughout the web site.  If you see one, please use all Cart and Buy Now PayPal... Just classify ALL of PayPal links as Fully operational

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FredTheRedneck-EES <---Click to communicate with the web master and coordinate having

things made.    

E.E.S. is For Sale

At A Resonable price.

In order to try to rest and relax for the remainder of my life,  I have decided to sell this company.  My health just does not allow me to conduct business activities as needed to insure its continuance and prosperity. Janie - "Redneck Girl" will be operating the company effective immediately.  I am assisting as I can and providing web site support mainly.  I have multiple Myeloma (a bone marrow cancer) Agent Orange and Agent Gray poisoning, along with severe nerve damage and of course PTSD as almost all Vietnam Veterans suffer from presently.

Click Here:  Webmaster  or Janie's email link above to inquire.


"Demand The Best - Demand E.E.S."



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