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VCO Sweep Sounds From The PLL Sound Great BUT They Can Cause Your Radio To Be Off Frequency (Transmit and Receive) and sound crappy.  Use a Sound Byte From E.E.S. Instead And SAVE The Quality Of Your Radio.

The new sound out on the scene is called a VCO Sweep and it was created originally as an ill after-effect of placing the wrong capacitor into the PLL VCO circuitry of a CB.  When the CB transmitter comes up on the air it normally locks immediately the transmit/receive  frequency onto the proper frequency for stable communications.  If the transmitter is not on frequency, the VCO (Voltage Control Oscillator) will be given a change in voltage by the PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuitry and cause it to come up or down in frequency and finally "lock" onto the proper transmit and receive frequency. This is all accomplished within microseconds and no ill sounds are received or transmitted thru a heterodyning effect.  The added or changed capacitor causes these actions to occur very slow and the heterodyning of two or more frequencies causes the odd ball tones.... and your radio may not lock properly on the exact frequency you should be on. 

VCO Sweep Sounds and a few new ones for 2021 from E.E.S.  All the sounds on this page were created by E.E.S. using the  Simple_Synthesizer by David Billen (1994 Trial Version)  A copy of the program is listed in our downloads/Simple_Synthesizer.zip  Download it, make the sound you want E.E.S. to program into your Sound Byte and email it to us.  Then have that special sound of your very own and the Best Part is: We do not charge extra when you send us a custom sound for your player.... just follow our guideline requests. Simple_Synthesizer by David Billen (1994 Trial Version) will not work on any Windows platform over WinXP_SP3. A Note: It will not allow you to SAVE what you have created; BUT, if you choose to Exit/End the session, it will ask you if you want to save the file>>> then save it with a name. It will SAVE that file.  You have to use this method to save each creation.

Below are some of the sounds we have created with the program and have made them available in a Sound Byte.... Also in a 3N1 Player ! !  Play some of these and order what you want in a Sound Byte from Electronic Energy Source.  In most cases, you can get three (3) of these sounds in a single 3N1 Sound Byte Player.


!_2016-VCO-Sweep_1  Synthesized

!_2016-VCO-Sweep_2  Synthesized

!_2016-VCO-Sweep_3  Synthesized

!_2016-VCO-Sweep_4  Synthesized








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Do Not Forget To Read The News

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