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L{©¿©}K  From FredTheRedneck   …..here's what going on at E.E.S...

Please read all my notes on any item I sell. Especially on any newly listed items;

This will be the most up-to-date.

All eBay posts will always contain my latest posts and notes by linking to this page..


Coming To eBay Soon ! ! !

Sound Byte + Roger Byte + 3N1 + Tweety Bird Sure Fire + ? ? ? +



The company “Electronic Energy Source” is "For Sale"....

I really hate for me to get physically unable to attend the eBay store as I believe it is one of the best therapies I could have.  A lot better than Doctors or pills..  !!!!!!


Click here to see why I have been failing in my eBay support.

Now the best news of all...  my Grandson and my Daughter-In-Law have agreed to work with me and virtually run everything, so all the negatives should stop appearing on eBay.  I might even take EES down from the status of "For Sale" and just give it to them; if they do well with it, as a going away present when I croak.


For the time being, we are going to slowly add to eBay a few of our items from some of the storage.  We will not be making much in the way of boards unless we have some idle time, but you can always email us to see it you could get an older product made.


Time will tell... My Grandson is quite knowledgeable and young, 23, and I think he will make a very good manager for this company, 'cause it's in his blood already....

My Dauther-In-Law has been around E.E.S. from the day it was created and she is the mother of my Grandson.. she can make him make everything work out...


They have officially taken control of E.E.S. this 23rd day of Oct 2015 and will be answering all emails in reference to E.E.S.; however I will be in the background assisting them as much as I can.


We thank all of you very much for your understanding and patience.



We do not have very many things manufactured "In Advance" because of one reason of another. This prevents us from investing our limited funds into items that might be slow to sale or not sold at all. Thus, we nomally manufacture the items as they are ordered. Please keep in mind that there will be a "production time" to consider when and if you order products from us; usually no more than a few days will be needed.


More Company Information


We can load any sound we can hear into a Sound Byte... we only have to get a conversation going on my site's email which is to coordinate it all... The price of the Sound Byte will not change.. On the description of the Sound Byte, at the very bottom is a link to see what is going on at EES... Click it and when the page appears, go to the bottom and click on the link to the 3N1 list... Find where you see the HOME PAGE URL and click it... You will find WEBMASTER... Start an email to me there.. The selling/purchase will be here on eBay once the coordination of your sound is completed.





I'm selling all my stuff: Dust and all.  I'd even like to sell the business and see it grow again.  As long as I can, I would even be the technical help point for anyone who purchases the company as a whole.

I have been in electronics since 1964 and am too old to actually WORK   anymore (73) years on 23 Dec 2018).

I still piddle and have good days and bad days because of PTSD from Viet Nam ’68-69’ and a damaged back with arthritis set in, especially the lower which control my legs and sever pains that come and go.  Most of the time I have friends and family members which help out.   Sometimes no help is available,

so if I am really slow, please wait….

I sometimes am a one-old-man-show ! !

If you are not willing to work with me when I might be slow, then there is no reason for you to purchase anything I have.  If I croak  while doing this site, you will either get your product or a refund..  My wife of 35 years  “RedneckGirl”  will ensure these actions occur should I become incapable of fulfilling my site obligations.

To make sure no one loses any money when I cannot attend to my site.... Please follow these simple instructions... If and/or when I am not responding to you direct by eMail after a 20 day period, OPEN A CASE through the email to Webmaster and request a refund.  It will happen   Thank you !

 If you are not satisfied in any regard, please tell us before you cull us.

 We will try to ensure that we earn a 5 star rating.

 You will notice sometimes  I say I and WE..

If it were not for my helpers, these devices would not be available to you as my helpers make most of them by hand and are paid from the funds made here on eBay. WE are a family and friends business and I will say WE often….

 I am not here to get rich…

I am liquidating my personal items and re-building Electronic Energy Source while I am alive and all the stuff we have ever made over the years will be offered.  There will be some new items added as time permits.

 Some will be One-Of-A-Kind’s which was hand made by me or one of my friends or a family member.

 I will have some items that I will not be able to spend my time on to repair so those things will come up as “For Parts”… be sure to read my notes within the new posts.

 Pure old “JUNK” or anything that is not cost effective will be listed as “Strictly Junk”.

 I am placing CBs here as I evaluate each one.  If I put it up here as a

“GOOD USED CB”,  I personally will have cleaned, re-tuned and peaked the radio to insure you get the very best in a re-conditioned CB.

 If I can, I will state any information I might have or know about the item.  Many things will need only a little tender loving care to become useable.

 I will be adding oddball items to many of my auctions and sales.

Several of our older sounds will not be available in the future due to parts being hard to find for these devices or low volume sales:

 Single/Double Ping – Wail Siren – Mozart Piano – Mouse’s Squeak – It’s A Gas – Cosmic Cat…


Do you have any of the older 28-Pin DIP Sound Chips that were used by other companies ? - like Taylor Made, Workman, RedMan, Electronic Rainbow, ... ???


E.E.S.  now makes a player called the ISD-10XX Series which can be used to play the older 28-pin chips !  This allows you guys to have a chance to "Recycle" most of the chips from so many of the now abandoned noise toys.

Keep looking at my stuff as I have two storage buildings that are to be emptied..

Watch me as a Seller to be in your Favorites on eBay.

Electronic Energy Source, better known as EES;  specialized in CB Noise Toys and modification kits for Citizen’s Band Radios.  It was Born in April 1986 at Redneck’s CB Sales and Service, Interstate I-59, Exit 174, Steele, AL 35987 as a result of hand-crafting special made CB Noise Toys for my CB friends and loyal customers.

It was also there that the Originator Redneck’s Identifier was developed and later name change to "Identifier" sound toy for CBs.

When I post a Sound-Effect, I have one and only one on hand.  If you want an item we used to make, just click on anything where you can ask me a question.  I can still make ONE (1) of anything we have ever made.  Here’s a list in text form of all E.E.S. Products Past & Present.  If you don’t see it, I don’t have one, but, I should be able to build it. . . . . might take a day or so.

If you are interested in an older product from E.E.S., just contact me through the Webmaster  here at Electronic Energy Source.

If you want an item we used to make, just click on anything on eBay where you can ask me a question.  Or click the Webmaster here or at the bottom of every page on the site.  

 Click To Download a Products List Of All Products Made by E.E.S. [Past & Present] direct from our website.

 After I sale all my junk, the web site and company, with all its equipment,  Programming PC with ISD 8-Socket Pod Programmer with interface, programs, Special SoundBlaster 16Bit Sound Card, product schematics, printed circuit board layouts, parts, secrets in construction, diagrams, etc; will also go up for sale.

High Quality Photos allow you to look at it as if it was in your hands.

 My Description of known pros and cons will always be in my notes, first thing prior to these notes here.

3N1 Sound Byte Data - Lists  Viewed From Old E.E.S. Website (Archive)


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