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I like cats, they taste just like chicken... I like chicken, they taste just like cats ! !

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15 July 2015

Since my grandson has been helping and learning E.E.S., things have been working very well...  Soon you will see many one-of-a-kind devices pop up on eBay...   Please go to eBay and mark us in your Favorites...   electronic.energy.source  <eBayLink



I recently had quintuple by-pass surgery. I have been provided an electric wheel chair.  I have to constantly wear a back brace. As an end result I was totally disabled since the first part of April ’14 until now – 9 June ’14, so I am trying to catch-up with all my transactions and keep up with them. 

I have the customers who reported a Negative Feed Back all straightened out now and Thanked them for purchasing from E.E.S...  Strange things happen in life.

I apologize to all those affected by this development. .

And now …. I report what also has gone askew: 

September – October…2014

I developed Pneumonia in September and was hospitalized. Given antibiotics that cured me of the pneumonia but were too strong for my system. That gave me severe diarrhea which led me to develope c-def.

C-def is an infection of the colon, is very dangerous and can be very contagious.  I checked back into the hospital because of the infection not healing and found that my gallbladder was also infected and had to have it removed.

I've had a slow recovery from all these.  I got so bad on mobility I had to lay E.E.S. to the side and make sure no one lost any money when I could not attend to my eBay....

I apologize to all those affected by these developments.  

Sometimes STRANGER things happen late in life.

I thank God thru Jesus for being alive and hope I stay in line and in step !



April 27th, 2015 finds me not doing so well, health wise and having a little trouble catching up eBay Operations..... I'm passing a kidney stone right now and hope it does not hang up again for the rest of passing it.  Sunday it dug it and stopped about even with my left hip...[Very painful; has me folded over a lot]  I passed some blood and saw my Doctor next morning.....Was X-rayed.......  I was encouraged to continue waiting any surgery actions.  I was instructed to really increase my fluid output as to maybe dislodge it.... So I did.... I do not drink beer (normally) but I drank 4 on Wednesday afternoon and the stone dislodged and has moved about two inches but is not hurting me this afternoon.


I am prone to kidney stones and have had lithotripsy many times in the past to make big ones small enough for me to pass them.  I have done one or two about every two to three years.  One of them put me in a hospital with catheter attached for 11 days... 


Until I am pass this......   I have removed all the items that must be "Hand-Made" from my eBay.  I may or may not respond with my eBay for a while.....  I am attending to two outstanding orders to get them out a.s.a.p.   Then not tie myself to anything until Mr. Stone comes out. 


But for today and hopefully everyday; as God grants me each day, I pray and thank Him for allowing me each day without having to have anyone else's help to get around and hopefully; do.


April 29th.... Passed these yesterday ..... .... ... .. .

Doctor says I might have some bragging rights for this big one !


June 17th....  Wound up with a bladder and track infection that I believe are about under control and hope to be in the shop soon !

June 19th 2015.. I'm feeling pretty good right now but my appointment with my kidney doctor today was a let down...


I found out today that my left kidney is about to stop working.  It has lost mass in size and I have enough stones in both that as soon as the infection is totally clear; I will be having lithotripsy done on it first and if all goes well, the good one will also need it...  I have at least 4 stones in each that are large enough to plug my tube if they leave the kidney...  BUMMER... I hate having that done.... Makes me bleed a lot and pee "sand" for weeks...

I will be having lithotripsy done on the 6th of Jul '15 @10:00am but they are going to do my right (good) kidney first.

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Do Not Forget To Read The News

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