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I like cats, they taste just like chicken... I like chicken, they taste just like cats ! !

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FREE* - CB Radio Super-Tuned By Fred The Redneck via The Internet

FREE* - Repair Services - By Fred The Redneck via The Internet


Subscription To The 

CB Radio Super Modulation Kit Series by E.E.S.

All Super Modulation modules and kits will be re-certified prior to producing them For Sale by us again.. 

Several will be weeded out completely and many will be added. 


Many radios of today follow the same circuit design of the radios for which E.E.S. has already developed a Super Mod Kit and assigned it a Model/Number.  We will try to associate as many radios into groups as we can from the market and list which will use what kit. 


Subscription To The Charter 

CB Radio Super Modulation DIY Kit  Series by E.E.S.

We are offering a charter type membership for those persons that would like to automatically receive all Super Modulation DIY Kits produced by E.E.S. each and every time a new kit is produced.


Technically we have a Super Modulation DIY Kit already engineered to cover about 90% of all the radios in use or on the market today.  Between the years 1986 - 1999  E.E.S. started from a one sound company to a true manufacturer of CB related Sound Toys, CB Radio Modification DIY Kits and Super Modulation Kits / Modules.


The company went dormant when it was sold in 1999.  It was sold because Fred The Redneck thought he wanted to retire and fish all the time. Foolish little man..... .... ... .. . The company is with its creator now and we are trying to grow again.


These Re-Certified Super Modulation Kits can only be developed if  E.E.S. has actually had that type Make and Model of radio back on the test bench again.  


We need your radio..... .... ... .. . If you have one of the radios listed on the below linked page and would like to get a Free Super Tune with a Super-Modulation modification of the transmitter stage, send us an email for more information.


If you enter your radio into this program,  in the future, you will receive an actual kit of each Super Mod we produce if you will pay only the postage costs for each one, $3.00 and $1.00 for handling/packing, to get it there.


You will be Invoiced $4.00 added to your return postage for your Modified radio.  If you do not want the entry into this Charter Group, then your return invoice will not have the added charge.  We will ask each time.


Talk to us about a repair of a radio and have a big discount if we repair it and then enter it into our Revamp of the Super Modulation Kits and Modules. Depends on the repair; you might even get the repair cost FREE*



Here's the page with the list.....   





The below list of radios need re-certification... If you see your radio listed within these kit lists, or you have an Export that is not mentioned within the below list, please contact Fred direct @ 256-393-4656

This number is old wide band and has weak signal, so if you don't get an answer or get through, please try again.   Sometimes TEXT works as the best way to establish initial contact.  Text your Name to the number; add a little note  [ like Repair, Information, Super-Mod ] just about any key word will work and then after a few minutes, try calling the number for talk.  Doing so will help Fred not answering telemarketers, scams and old girl-friends calls.


"Demand The Best - Demand E.E.S."



Radio Repairs - Modifications - Variable Power + Super-Mod

Do Not Forget To Read The News

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