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3-N-1 Sound Byte Player

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3-N-1 Sound Bytes - Your Best Buy !

More BANG For Your Buck !

"Demand The Best - Demand E.E.S."


This is exactly what you get when you purchase a 3-N-1 Sound Byte from Electronic Energy Source.

This is the jewel in recorded nonvolatile memory by ISD. The device also has automatic power shut down at the end of each cycle.  This makes it easy on batteries during battery operation.

It has pins for memory addressing and E.E.S. is taking advantage of that for you to get more

"BANG" for your buck.  

Here's how it works:

"3 Sounds in 1" referred to as "3N1" Sound-Bytes are multiple recorded and addressed composites of the regular sound-bytes produced by E.E.S. consisting of three addressable and controllable sounds and they are all on one chip/player. 


 Unless otherwise noted, you will hear the same file on a 3N1 player as you will on a single sound-byte.


The exceptions are; the sounds that are more than eight (8) seconds in playing time will not be found on a 3N1 player.  Instead you will find a shorter version of that sounds on these if the regular sound is longer than eight (8) seconds in playing time.  These shorter sounds are edited in length, yet keep their identification in tact.  If the edited file cannot do this, we will tell you and an alternate file can be chosen by you prior to programming of the ISD IC.


Each sound can be utilized as a  "key-up" toy or be "triggered" to play at any time. The chip can be loaded with any combination of two (2) each 8-second sounds and one (1) four-second sound.


When a chip has this capability, even more than three sounds can be arranged, stored and played independently. Sometimes switch complication for the operator can occur, so we stay at a standard of three (3) sounds per player.


FredTheRedneck has the final prototype of a carry-with CB travel box finished and is making them now. with up to 18 selectable sounds. (More if you desire through Special Order). The sounds you CHOOSE are to be in the player, not just a random pre-recorded list. Status of this item and many others can be found on this site by clicking on this:  S.O.B.




You can even get re-programming service on these devices bought from EES for a very sensible price.


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Sound #1 in each player can be up to eight (8)
seconds in playing time.

Sound #2 in each player can be up to eight (8)
seconds in playing time.

Sound #3 in each player can be up to four (4)
seconds in playing time.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Right now, we have a box that can go up to 18 sounds and if you want more sounds, we can make it.

We can make under Special Order, boxes with as many sounds; in count,  as your pocket book can allow. We also make a Base Station Version







"Demand The Best - Demand E.E.S."



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