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2SC1969 - Final Power Output

$65.00 - 15-LOT 2SC1969 C1969 Manu: MITSUBISHI Encapsulation:TO-220,HF/VHF Transistors MPO-20watt

2SC1969/ C1969/ Replacement for 2SC1944, 2SC2050, 2SC2098 ... 2SC1970, 2SC1971


$45.00 - 10-LOT 2SC1969 C1969 Manu: MITSUBISHI Encapsulation:TO-220,HF/VHF Transistors MPO-20watt 

$25.00 - 5-LOT 2SC1969 C1969 Manu: MITSUBISHI Encapsulation:TO-220,HF/VHF Transistors MPO-20watt

$12.50 - 2-LOT 2SC1969 C1969 Manu: MITSUBISHI Encapsulation:TO-220,HF/VHF Transistors MPO-20watt

Hard to locate as most USA electronic parts suppliers do not carry these transistors anymore because they have been classified as obsolete.  When an  electronic part is classed as such they are bought up by the thousands and carried by clearance warehouses at exploded prices.

I have a supplier that I have ordered from for over 20 years and always get "GRADE A" parts.

I can find almost any older part needed through my contact(s).


We will stand behind these transistors. Mitsubishi made many production batches of this transistor. Their last batch is the ones pictured here and the older productions are mark differently. They are NOT fake.


FredTheRedneck (our tech and EES creator.) still runs his CB shop and has used these for repair and modifications on the Cobra 29/25 upgrades and has not had any problems with them.

He personally tests all groups of parts we sell on the eBay and the website to ensure we present quality parts to our customers. If you have fully tested a radio and deem that only the 2SC1969 is at fault; these transistors will be a perfect replacement. If replacing one of these and there is still no effective repair, then you have other effecting problems.

To return any whatsoever, you will have to return ALL; even those that you have suspected problems with, so that we may evaluate them.

We will not leave you "Hanging" as long as you work with us. We always try to be fair and work with the customer.

Thank you very much.


Cobra 29 High Power mod with 2sc1969 transistor

Also applies to: Uniden 78, Cobra 25 & Uniden 76 mod is similar, although you'll need to cross reference against
the schematics.

1: change the final to a 2sc1969
2: change the driver to a 2sc2314.
3: change the electrolytic capacitor by the audio IC (C42, 1000uf) to a
3300uf, 16v.
4: Take a turn off the output tuning coil (see tuning coil note below)
5: Remove the AMC potentiometer (VR4), and put a 1K resistor in it's place.
(only two connections are used on this pot, use those two connections
for the resistor)
6: add a 1K in series with D11.
7: Change R48 to a 33K ohm resistor.
8: Change R55 to a 10K 1 watt resistor.
9: change C37, and C68 to a 204 monolithic (this changes the A.F.
response on TX)
10: Now align the radio, start with the output coil, the pre-driver
stage for peak output.
11: Tuning notes: Tune L17 for max with audio. Then, tune L23 for

max output with audio, this will upset the radio's frequency. So, after
L23 is set, adjust L24 to put the radio back on frequency.

Tuning coil note: If the radio says "made in China" on the back, you must
remove 1 turn from the output tuning coil with the slug in it. If it doesn't
then you may or may not have to. Count the turns, if it has 4, leave it alone,
if it has 5, it's too many and won't tune, remove a turn. You may have to add
a 68pf capacitor from the left terminal of the coil to ground, with the solder
side of the board up. This method produces better results than just removing the tuning slug.

This mod will consistently produce output between 10-12 watts AVG and 45-50 watts peak.


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