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I like cats, they taste just like chicken... I like chicken, they taste just like cats ! !

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When available - Always Buy America Made Products - Even if they are slightly higher in price than made in anywhere else.

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"Freedom isn't free."

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.

The one that understands binary,
and the other one that doesn't.. 

Sounds logical to me.


ATTENTION:  We have changed our eBay name to ElectronicEnergySource  -

the same as our encrypted web site. 



The web site is free and extremely large and it is fully accessible without having to sign-in or join.

You can find all the Sound Effect files for our sound products (listen/download) on the web site's FTP Points, which are easy to locate from any of our site's pages.

In the FTP sub-folder for Sound Bytes, look for the text file named:   !!!!!!_Sound Byte Alphabetical List.txt; Then click on the file and it will send to you a copy of the text that you can also choose to SAVE.

Also, within the site's other FTP Points you will find many other lists in (.txt) text form of that folder's contents. As a technician of whatever you  are trying to learn; there might be a file that will help, or lead you to another interest you have or create one.

"Thar's Knowledge in them thar files" !

Important - While on the site, read our DISCLAIMER - It's Our Ying|Yang,

as in your best interests.

If you see something on the web site which is not on eBay (For Sale) and wish more information; and possibly want to buy a non-listed item on eBay, please email us here at eBay.

Thank you very much !


For a short period, this site will have limited functions

designed to provide information to the visitors but

limit sales direct from the web site.  All sales for this time frame will strictly be available in our eBay account.


Presently there is only one person making the sound effects and monitoring two point for sales makes it even more difficult for me to keep pace.  FredTheRedneck (EES Creator) is running the company alone.

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer) several months ago caused by Agent Orange poisoning which I was exposed to in Vietnam '68-'69.

Items posted on eBay will already be made and ready to ship on a one (1) to two (2) day time frame.  We cannot allow ourselves to place customer purchases to become backlogged again.  This 1-2 day shipping depends greatly on any changes the customer requires beyond what we have already assembled. We still reserve the 5 day lead time on all products due to this under man-powered status.

We are starting our Spring Cleaning from our storage and will be placing a lot of good items For Sale on our eBay.   Keep watch as there might be something that you would like to have, cheap too.


Click To Go To The FTP POINTS for all the Sounds

 Click here to go to the Data Sheets  PDF's 

Click here for Sam's Photo Facts 1-29 for older radios and equipment and

A Wealth of Knowledge.

 FredTheRedneck-EES <---Click to communicate with the web master and coordinate having things made. Radios Repaired, Modified Super Mod. Special Order Sound Boxes - Mobile Or Base  

As of the date of this update, we are in the process of a complete up load of the site revision.  If you discover something that does not work properly or you see a PayPay link, please text us in a email and help us get the errors out.

This site is designed primarily as an educational site, assisting the Hobbyist and Experimenter in the field of electronics and other fields of interests. 

Electronic Energy Source is an American owned, family &  friends operated electronics manufacturer and specializes in help to the CBer, Hobbyist and Experimenter. Our products are hand-made right here in Gadsden, AL . We try to keep the American Dollar invested in America as much as we can. When we started the company we elected to hand make each of our products instead of having them made cheap, in mass, overseas.

This site is supported ONLY by the items we sell.  

We have the largest selection of analog and digital sound-effect generators on the market.  At the time of the last update of this web-site, we have over 5,600 sounds listed under the name Sound Bytes. There are thousands and thousands posted on our FTP Points.  These sounds are digital in nature and are considered to be "computerized".  Movie Clips, Cartoon Sounds, TV Ads and so many more. 

You can even have your own special sound programmed into a Sound Byte from Electronic Energy Source by coordinating through our email system.

Using OUR email system from the site allows us to receive and send sounds to master exactly what you want and get from our Sound Effects. We cannot always coordinate as well trhough eBay due to their restrictions.  We can coordinate small differences thru eBay email but quite limited. Coordinate purchases through our emaill system will be posted for purchase on our eBay, not the website.

We have more than twenty-five (+25) older sound-effect generators of the analog family, such as the Roger-Beep, Adjustable Roger-Beep, Identifier, Cosmic Whistle, Sonic Whistle, Pinger, Tweety Bird Whistle, Wail Siren, Mouse's Squeak and many more. 

We have now added to our product list an Adjustable Frequency Ping called PINGER_AF, an Adjustable Identifier - Oscilloscope Probe - VCO Sweep Sounds, In-Line Sound Boxes, (also with TURBO Echo) if desired and more is to come to the site.

Browse this site and watch it grow again as it is re-written; reconstructed showing our older products and new ones too !

We try to be as informative as we possibly can; as an end result you will see and read a lot of our chatter.

The panel to the left side of every page has hyper links so you can view the items and site regardless of where you are on this web site. Makes navigation of this site a little easier.   

This IS A Very Large Site - As of 202002231620 4:20pm (CST) this site has a Total of 106 GB (114,388,782,983 bytes) And was re-created on Friday, May 12, 2017, 8:10:30 PM
From Basic SASEU Files dated back to March of 1972

 "Thank you very much ! "

This site, the visitors to the site, members of the site's forums and the author are protected under The Constitution Of The United States Of America under the - Bill Of Rights - Amendment 1 - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of Speech, or of the Press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Safety of the First Amendment and its fundamentals has to be the highest human law.

Tinkering with technology is Electronic Energy Source's middle name.

Disclaimer Please Read ! !

How To Catch A Mouse...

get a cat.


get an actual Mouse Trap. 


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